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Anto Budiardjo reviewed NoPanels 2013
Interesting non-conventional event

THe NoPanels guys have put on a very interesting event, trying to bring together thought leaders in Silicon Valley to meet and talk rather than to listen to speakers talking in panel presentations.

3y ago
Extensive program, great speaker lineup

Unfortunately I am unable to be there in person.

3y ago
Very interesting insights of the future of transportation

Mike, as a last minute stand-in, provided valuable insights of where transportation is going, in light of smart devices and communications. Great job Mike, thanks.

3y ago
First time for live Green Button demos

This was the first time a number of Green Button products were demonstrated in front of large crowd. Great demo of GB mobile apps and web sites, including Flash app created the 48 hours prior. Green Button Rocks! It was definitely a BFD!

3y ago
A lot of fun, a little bit of education

The discussion was really a lot of shouting of answers to questions, but it was useful and definitely a lot of fun while we learn more about Smart Grid.

3y ago
Great first event for Haystack community

Unfortunately I was unable to attend but talked and worked with a number of attendees during the event. Even from a thousand miles away I could tell this was a great event, with solid speakers from this growing community. Congratulations to the team.

3y ago
First ever GWAC event on Interoperability

Following the GridWise Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in late 2005, this Grid-Interop conference was created to focus totally on the subject of interoperability for the Smart Grid. This event eventually became the birthplace for SGIP and many other initiatives.

3y ago
Great first nestCON event

nestGSV put on a great first nestCON, this one focused on mobile. Great speakers, very applicable subject and of course, good place to network with other nesters.

3y ago
Spent two days of back to back meetings

DT is always been a great place to meet the people in the Smart Grid space. Love going to San Diego also.

3y ago
First BuilConn event in Europe to use PointView

Good gathering in Europe, of leaders involved with smart buildings and M2M

3y ago

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