PointView - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read the following PointView Privacy Policy which explains how information in this system is to be used and displayed on the Internet.

Purpose of PointView

PointView is a Web-based system designed to manage conferences, events and presentations. PointView maintains a master database of users consisting of presenters, moderators, session and track leaders as well as other event staff.

The system is designed to provide a collaborative online environment so users can manage the development of conference sessions with their event, track or session leaders as well as other presenters in panel-based sessions.

PointView provides an easy mechanism to store and view presentation files related to the user's specific session(s). The files are made available to event, track and session leaders as well as other presenters for peer review and discussion.

Information Stored About Users in PointView

The following information is stored in PointView:

  • Information relating to the user's business activities such as name, title, company, phone, Email, Web site and professional biography
  • Visual portrait image of users
  • The user's involvement in specific event, conference track and sessions complete with abstract and other relevant information needed for the management of presentations
  • An activity log specific to each user

Information Displayed to the Public

A subset of the above information will be presented to the public via various event Web sites, including:

  • Name, title, company name and Web site
  • Professional biography
  • The user's portrait image
  • The events, tracks, sessions and presentations assigned to each user

Information Displayed to other PointView users

Other users of PointView who are involved with the same events, tracks or sessions will be able to view the following information:

  • Phone, Email and address
  • Presentation files, together with any associated notes
  • The user's presentation status

In addition to the above, system administrators, event leaders, track leaders and session leaders will be able to view further user information, namely:

  • An activity log, specifically information on a user's activity associated with assigned events, tracks and sessions
  • Information pertaining to permission and other management data necessary for the execution of a successful conference session